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Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter In The Shops

Is Easter turning into a commercialized occasion like Christmas or have I never noticed it that bad?

I guess retailers are searching for any reason to drive traffic to their stores and why not make a bigger deal out of Easter? It is a great filler between Valentine and Mother's Day.

A sampler of what's going on out there this Easter starts with Whole Foods - that egg is the size of a 7 year old. Wonder if it is made of chocolate.

Add to this a selection of sweets and endless felt rabbits running around and you sure get into the spirit of Easter.

London Drugs is the more practical Easter goodies retailer.

Endless selection of chocolates, eggs decorations and other Easter goodies at the best price in the city (most under a toonie).

And while Welk's is not selling chocolates or Easter sweets, their planter selection was very Easter inspired.

(and the seedlings will grow happy with all those colours surrounding them).

But no one can beat the elegance of Chocolate Art's Easter.

Now let's imagine the world if all this money on Easter goodies went to the poor and hungry? Ponder that while I enjoy my chocolates.

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