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Friday, 25 April 2014

Glamourous Dinner

somerville kitchen was honoured to be dine glamourously tonight.

The seafood themed meal kicked off with delicious buttered shrimps.

An elegant seared tuna salad got the party going until the main dish.

Mussels and chorizo cooked in the fanciest tomato wine sauce - perfect for bread dipping and drinking luscious red wine.

The ultimate glamour and class is serving guests cigarettes in hundreds years old silver cigarette holder.

As guests enjoyed smokes and wine and discussed more decadent indulgences, a true decadency dessert was being prepared.

Fresh from their garden rhubarb production served hot with vanilla ice cream.

It looked too beautiful to mess up, but glad I messed it up since the combination was even more beautiful on the taste buds.

Just when I thought the pleasant surprises were over and time to go home, single malt scotch was offered and enjoyed.

It was simply a treat learning about those scotches from an authentic Scott.

An exceptional glamourous dinner and fun filled evening indeed.

Thank you HaJ!

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