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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


In the middle of a pine trees forest is a mansion serving as a restaurant called L'os.

The owner welcomes you. The service is swift, the food is good and the place is all glass making you feel like you are eating in the forest.

L'os is famous for its Lebanese style garlic bread.

A baguette stuffed with Lebanese garlic dip (basically a garlic olive oil mayo) and cilantro and grilled. It is kind of amazing, if you like garlic that is.

Dinner was grilled meat and grilled Kafta pitas.

The Kafta pitas were packed with meat, a bit oily but nicely grilled.

And tasted very well with lemon juice.

As at many Lebanese restaurants, the meal is wrapped up with a fruit spread.

But this one included Mhalbieh, Lebanese style milk pudding.

High marks for complimentary white and creamy.

Ein Saadeh, Metn

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