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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Simple Lentil Soup

My mother and I went into the kitchen together today.

My mom cooked, I watched and took pictures. I like this kind of vacation.

But rather than just sharing the pictures, I will also share the recipe for a simple lentil soup.

Start with one cup of red split lentils. Rinse them well.

Mother's kitchen gadgets include this lentil colander (it is kind of practical and I wonder why it may not work for rice as well? I should ask before I leave).

Add the lentils to a pot, along with half cup of rice (Egyptian or Italian), cover with water and an onion.

Bring to a boil and then let simmer until all is cooked.

When almost cooked, add a quarter cup olive oil, let is simmer a bit more and it is ready to serve.

Two things to serve with this soup.

First, lemon juice; even though this lemon, picked up a day or two earlier off a tree close by, is too juicy and large to waste as a juicing lemon.

The other thing you eat with this soup is grilled pita bread.

You can eat it or crunch it into it. Either way, the end result is a really tasty, healthy simple lunch.

Give it a try.

1 comment:

The Empress said...

I would be totally forced to add salt, pepper, garlic and other spices to this or I would find it too bland I fear.