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Monday, 28 April 2014

My Favourite Crops

Akeedinia (loquat) is my favourite fruit ever.

Its season, sometime in early Spring, is very short. So I am glad to have caught the end of season with a tray of Akeedinia waiting for me.

The insides are bright orange, juicy and sweet.

Each piece has three large seeds. Those plant well and grow fast.

(In fact, jardin has two loquat trees growing out of seeds)

On the vegetable side, those tomatoes are the best tomatoes one can eat.

They are called mountain tomatoes and are out everywhere now.

I just love how humongous they are.

While they look green on the outside, they are red, fresh and delicious inside.

They make a perfect breakfast with mini cheese sandwiches.

I am starting a seeding project on those....

Now those are called Jerenk. I have no idea what the English name is. They are hard and sour plumps that people eat them either like a fruit or dip them in salt as a vegetable. As with the Akeedinia, their season is short and I caught it right in time.

But nothing beats dad's fresh fruit salad made with locally grown fruit (and sprinkled with Cointreau).

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