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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Belated Easter Feast

A belated Easter feast was waiting for me in Lebanon.

In Canada, the Easter dinner was a roasted chicken (Read Easter Toy).

In Lebanon, it's a stuffed chicken.

A Lebanese-style stuffed chicken is a major meal production. 

It starts with a big fresh chicken.

The chicken is stuffed with rice, ground beef, pine nuts and spices. It is then sowed shut and put in a pot.

The chicken is simmered in water spiced with peppercorn, cinnamon sticks and a bay leaf until the rice is cooked (that is what you see in the above picture).

Once the chicken is cooked, it is then browned in the stove and ready to serve.

And what's better to enjoy such a delicacy of a meal than with a 2009 EL Ixsir - perfectly matched.

Slow multi-phase cooking process, a  non commercially raised chicken and mom's perfectionist streak  - no wonder this was a yum yum Easter Feast.

Thank you Mom.

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