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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Back At Mounir

A visit to Mounir is a must on every Lebanon trip (Read Feasting at Mounir).

The place continues to offer exceptional quality of food, service and ambiance (and according to my parents this has been going on for 38 years).

What's on the menu today? The same as usual but one can never bore of such food.

Below is a visual tour of the meal. Enjoy and join me on the next visit.

Mounir Restaurant
Brummana, Lebanon

Local green peas - I think I ate the full plate given how fresh and juicy those were

Lebanese olives of all colours, went well with pieces of lemon and with labneh

The Kebbeh Nayeh (raw Kebbeh) is a must on every Mounir visit (this is the only place my parents allow me to eat it)

The Makanek (Armenian style small sausages) were amazing this time

Grilled chicken exceptional; though not as good as my dad's (see the white cream in the front of the picture? this is all pure pureed garlic and olive oil)

And why mess up the house with the smell of fried fish, according to mom, when you can pick up fresh fish here and have them fry for you

A Mounir meal always ends up with a spread of fresh fruit, on the house! (the local cherries are early this year, but very good nonetheless)

Looking forward to the next visit, even though the Fall weather may not allow such a fabulous eating ambiance


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