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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Magical Land of Ashta

My regular readers know about 'white and creamy'. 

Some even know about Ashta - the pure natural cream used in Lebanese desserts.

Ashta is the ultimate 'white and creamy' experience and I sure had my share this trip.

This is how Ashta looks like. And this plate can be eaten in one sitting with syrup or date jam.

Ashta Ice cream is the next best choice of an Ashta experience (or any ice cream experience).

Aish El Sarayah is a dough syrup paste covered with Ashta, syrup and pistachio.

A new discovery on this trip - an almond paste mold covering a heat of Ashta.

And you can have it in a pistachio paste form (amazing).

Last, but the best, is an Ismalieh breakfast - lots of Ashta nestled in layers of grilled vermecilli and soaked with syrup.

Oh the magical land of Ashta, can't wait to visit you again.


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