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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Plane Food Competition

I traveled four international airlines in the past 4 weeks. I had a meal on every one of them. I ran my own plane food competition among those four airlines. Here are the results.

Best of 4 Airlines Food

Middle East Airlines had by far the best quality food. 

A breakfast herb omelette that tasted like eggs, not a weird mix; was nicely browned, not a mush. It felt like it was just made and served with a potato croquette dipped in sesame seed.

Bonus a Lebanese cheese platter with mini pita breads.

Runner Up of 4 Airlines Food

Not bad chicken.

It was a bit mushy, but there was some taste to it.

And you could even taste the actual chicken among all the salt.

Not bad Air Canada.

Almost Worst of 4 Airlines Food

Lufthansa had its very uncomfortable seats with the worse leg room going against its rating; yet, I don't think this food would have made it past the other two.

When I unwrapped the platter, it looked almost home-made. 

But in reality, it was beef cooked in sodium. I am glad my blood pressure did not explode the plane after this meal.

Worst of 4 Airlines Food

I thought I will be safe with the vegetarian option.

Some sort of carb (maybe a bio-genetic mixture of rice and pasta) cooked in something industrialized white ingredient. 

Major blah

I should have just grabbed one of my mother's left over platters from the fridge instead.

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