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Friday, 16 May 2014

A Day At Home

A day at home in Lebanon starts with a trip to the bakery and buying Manakeesh.

Those are how the real Manakeesh look like - large in size, bubbly and crunchy.

I can have those for breakfast every day and am so glad to have this bakery within a 2 minute walk from the house.

Those are made with zaa'tar. Manakeesh can also be made with cheese but those are very boring looking. 

Some bakeries do half zaa'tar and half cheese. Now that will be a feast.

Someone drops by home made falafel - each piece the same size as the other, you'd think they were made by a machine.

A falafel sandwich was in order. 

Open up the pita bread, spread it with tahini. 

Split the falafel into two and lay them over the tahini. 

Cover with tomatoes and pickles, wrap up the pita and lunch is served.

But this was only a snack.

The main meal was a broad beans stew.

Those beans are fresh, not dried. Cooked with tomato sauce, meat, garlic and cilantro.

Eaten over rice and vermicelli and lots of lemon juice.

And that's a day at home in Lebanon. Thank you mom and dad for a wonderful trip.

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