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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Saskatoon Diner

I have been to almost every major city in Canada coast to coast by now, except for... Saskatoon.

And now that I visited, I have to make up for lost time and spend a week (or less) telling my readers about my Saskatoon discoveries. 

A small downtown that you can roam every store in it in one day. 

And my favourite was The White Cat Book Company. (and are you surprised? My favourite moments of the day are reading a book with my white catsess who, as I write, is hunting a white butterfly).

I digress...this is a food blog.

This is appetizer size Saskatoon Style at The Spadina Freehouse.

Korean rolls stuffed with julienned vegetables and home made kimchi served with a delicious spicy sweet chili sauce.

While the main meal was the Red Curry Mango Penne tossed with toasted coconut.

Definitely a unique taste. However, it was a bit too sweet for a savoury dish.

But combining it with the delicious spicy sweet chili of the appetizer brought the dish to a different yummy level.

The Spadina Freehouse
608 Spadina Cres. East
Saskatoon, SK

Spadina Freehouse on Urbanspoon

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