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Monday, 7 July 2014

A Hidden Patio

I love this patio - one of the most beautiful and elegant dining experiences in Vancouver.

This is The Gallery Café.

The food is amazing, but we will get to that. What is more amazing is how busy this place can get and how long the line ups can be.

But despite all of the action and the line-ups, there is a certain serenity that makes you feel you are in some remote winery away from the city as opposed to right in the middle of Vancouver's Business centre.

Now back to the food.

A selection of everything. Sandwiches, pastas, salads and one quiche after another.

And more... I ended up having a delicious grains, Kale and tofu salad. Only a place associated with the arts can pull off those ingredients in both a nice looking and tasting platter.

And when you think your taste and visual senses were teased enough, you reach the desserts.

Cakes, pies, fudges, mousses - whatever you fancy they have it for you, all freshly made and beautifully present it.

I should remember you more...

Gallery Café
750 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC


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