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Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Good Khichri

I tried Reza Mahammad's Khichri recipe (Read Reza Strikes Again). It was good and fun to cook.

But Madhur Jaffrey's Khichri recipe was more work and produced an incredible melange of flavours that I will sure make it again.

Her recipe includes frying what she called 'hulled and split mung beans'. 

I used split green peas and that worked well. The frying them before cooking was crackling nice.

The flavouring got more interesting as tomatoes cooked with onions, ginger and spices hit the pan.

As if this production was not spicy enough, the final garnish of cilantro, ginger and masala sealed the dish.

Madhur calles it "Delicious Risotto of Rice and Split Peas" - definitely a very boring name for the sophisticated flavours of this beautiful dish.

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