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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Fish Counter

I started noticing this sight on Main Street few months ago and wondering what is going on.

The sign says The Fish Counter. And the place has two types of counters. One to buy fresh seafood from and the other to order fish and chips from.

And the place is ran by "two seafood lovers with a passion of conserving our oceans". Wonder if each has a counter to run?

The fresh seafood counter is one of the better looking, smelling and probably tasting fresh seafood in the city.

The selection is not as large as you'd find elsewhere, but I am guessing that is a function of focusing on sustainable, quality and fresh options.

The other counter is for food. Freshly made fish and chips that are very nicely fried and you can definitely tell this is quality fish from the taste.

Coleslaw is not too creamy. The fries need some work though.

A pleasant experience despite being busy and wait is too long. 

But then we took our food and sat on a bench on Main Street savouring the meal and watching the beautiful people of Main.

I like The Fish Counter

The Fish Counter
3825 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

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