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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Great New Kitchen Toy

This new toy, made in Syria and sold in Iranian stores, is a Falafel maker; and I love it.

You see, it does not make Falafel from scratch but it helps you shape the falafel mix into equally shaped and beautiful patties and slip into the hot oil painlessly.

You push the lever down and fill it with the falafel mix. You use the plastic spoon included in the tool to pat the mix straight into the tool.

You then push the lever up and, using the plastic spoon included, slip the falafel patty into the oil. 

It worked perfectly well and produced a fine looking platter of falafel. The pieces are not as perfectly similar as you'd find in Beirut, but not bad for the first attempt.

Falafel party anyone? If you read this far, just invite yourself (seriously).

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