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Monday, 21 July 2014

Longest Noodles on Fraser Street

Ho Yuen Kee is a Chinese restaurant that is known for its noodles.

And its noodles, which are hand made by the way, are so long that you have to stand up to be able pour them, so make sure you have a long-armed guy at the party.

At least their noodles come on the plain side so you don't splash neighbouring tables with sauce.

In addition to making their noodles, they make (and are well-known for) their own wontons and dumplings.

Their wonton soups are as simple and plain as their noodles, but definitely worth ordering given the taste.

And if you are a seafood lover, you can choose your (live) crab or lobster and they will prepare it in two sauces to choose from.

However, if you go for this, check the daily market price since this plate on its own may exceed $40.

The beef with green pepper in black bean sauce was very tasty.

The lemon breaded chicken was exceptional.

But what they served that was much better than any other restaurant I tried them at was their lettuce wrap - a huge portion that is freshly made.

A great place for big crowds, worth the visit (and you can discover the rest of the Fraser Street Finds along the way).

 Ho Yuen Kee Restaurant
6236 Fraser Street
Vancouver, BC

Ho Yuen Kee Restaurant 何源記 on Urbanspoon


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