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Friday, 11 July 2014

Mad Greek

I don't know Richmond very well. 

So when I found myself hungry after a meeting in Richmond, I walked in the first place I saw - Mad Greek.

I was welcomed by the Mad Greek himself holding a thorn. Should I continue or leave, I thought to myself as a very friendly waitress welcomed me.

The place was huge with an intriguing feel to it. The menu was large and had some interesting options.

In I went.

The vegetarian moussaka caught my eye and fit my attempt at eating less meat and less calories.

The friendly hostess felt sorry for me sitting on my own and brought me a paper along with the food.

The food was good. It met my less meat criteria; but with cream, eggs, rice and potatoes, not my reduced calorie count. 

Good enough, filling and not that expensive.

Mad Greek
7260 Westminster Highway
Richmond, BC

Mad Greek on Urbanspoon

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