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Friday, 19 September 2014

The Shoppe

As I am walking back from a business meeting in Chinatown, I see this sign popping out among the produce stores - The Pie Shoppe.

Well, I am intrigued by many things. the spelling of Shoppe, the location and the fact that it is a place to buy pies and only pies (well, they sell coffee, but let's focus on the pies).

Walking in, I was welcomed by a beautiful scene that reflects exactly how The Pie Shoppe is described on its website

"We are a two lady show, with a very small kitchen, with one oven and we make everything by hand - including the crust."

Yes, you see the two women right there, not even in the back but right there when you walk in.

They obviously love what they do and the crust is simply amazing.

I walked out with the Okanagan Plum & Blueberry with Orange Bitters pie. I loved its tartness and natural fresh flavours.

Next time it's the chocolate chess pie (or should I try the lemon buttermilk chess, or the chocolate pecan - so torn).

The Pie Shoppe
721 Gore Street
Vancouver, BC

The Pie Shoppe & Panoramic Coffee on Urbanspoon


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