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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pumpkin Stew

What to do with the pumpkins after all the catsess' posing?

The No. 1 Ladies Detective's Mma Ramotswe came to mind as she makes her husband those pumpkin stews.

To help with pumpkin stew inspiration, I based it on a Jallof Rice recipe.

One interesting part of this recipe was to fry three bay leaves with the onions.

The smell was worth the experiment and I think I will be doing this more often with recipes that ask for bay leaves.

The chicken was added with the pumpkins.

Just watching the pumpkin stew progress felt like I travelled to Botswana tonight.

Then I added the rice and liquid and the dish turned back into a Sierra Leone Jallof Rice.

A fun cooking night indeed.


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