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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Yu Xiang Yuan

When I saw this sign on Fraser Street, I was thrilled thinking Peaceful Restaurant open another location closer to me.

But I guess those signs are a dime a dozen in China and this was for Yu Xiang Yuan Restaurant

Handcrafted noodles for each dish that come in a choice of cutting, dragging, pushing or round noodles.

Once you are over the confusion of the noodle options, the place seems family run with elegant seating, comfortable atmosphere and friendly service.

The menu selection has a mix of dishes one sees elsewhere and some unique options.

Below are the foods ordered.

The Zhajiang Pork with cucumber was my favourite, even though I am not sure the choice of noodles went well with this dish.

The Xin-Jiang Noodles with fried chicken and potatoes was an experience for sure. Overly salty and does not work well with dragging noodles, but the potatoes were excellent.

Pork and chives dumplings were alright - not the best wonton dough in the city though.

I am glad I tried it. I am not sure I will rush back.

Yu Xiang Yuan
6591 Fraser Street
Vancouver BC

Yu Xiang Yuan Restaurant 豫湘園 on Urbanspoon

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