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Thursday, 20 November 2014

How Do You Keep It So Clean??

Q. Mom, how old is your stove?

A. I don't know, more than 10 years. Maybe 11 or 12 years old.

Q. Mom, how do you keep it so clean? It looks like it just came out of the factory.

A. The first rule is you clean it immediately after each time you use it or something drops on it. Otherwise, it will get stuck and you'd never be able to take the dirt off.

(mental note to self - hmmm, how long would it take me to clean the stove as soon as I finish cooking? Not too long when you think of it)

Q. What else do you do to keep it looking so new?

A. When you are using one head to fry or cook something that will splatter everywhere, take everything off the stove and cover the other heads with foil paper. Once you're done, clean the stove and put all back.

(mental note to self - a bit of work, but worth it)

 Q. How about the oven? It's sparkling.

A. You keep a foil sheet at the base - those are all over Canada, so you don't have an excuse. Then, just like the stove top, you clean the inside of the oven after each use.
(mental note to self - even my self clean does not do such a good job; I should try this technique)

Q. Is this toaster oven new?

A. This is as old as the stove; over 10 years old.

Q. And how do you keep it so clean? Let me guess, clean after each use.

A. And cover the tray with foil paper before using.

(mental note to self - I better change my post cooking habits drastically). 

Q. Should I put the laundry away?

A. No, these are just taken off the drying line, I still need to fold them.

(mental note to self - this is a laundry tip that will triple the time spent on laundry - ignore/delete).

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