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Friday, 21 November 2014

My Favourite Meals - Arnabieh

Those are bitter orange (with some mandarins among them) picked up fresh off trees in the neighbourhood.

Bitter oranges are the base of one of my favourite meals - Arnabieh.

Arnab in Arabic means rabbit. 

Arnabieh, originally, is a stew of rabbit meat cooked in tahineh sauce where the tahineh sauce is made with bitter oranges juice as opposed to lemon juice.

Instead of rabbit meat, some use Kebbeh as the meat base for Arnabieh.

The tahineh sauce is brought to a boil, onions and cooked chick peas added to it.

Kebbeh footballs are first boiled, then added to the boiling tahineh sauce until they are warmed up.

The Kebbeh is then taken out, soaked in tahineh sauce and lunch is ready.

I had 3.5 pieces of Kebbeh with lots of sauce. A real treat and not difficult to make; I should try it (anyone interested, invite yourself).

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