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Monday, 17 November 2014

My Favourite Meals - Seyadiyeh

Seyyad means fisherman. Seyadiyeh is a fisherman's meal.

The meal started with buying the fish. 

In my childhood, you'd go to the shore and buy the fish off the fishermen's boats.

Now you still buy them fresh, but from a supermarket.

The fish bought for Seyadiyeh is called Loukouz (don't ask me to translate).

It is as big as a salmon, but with a sea fish taste.

It was chopped in pieces, deep fried, including the head, and the meat separated.

The fish, rice and walnuts are then layered in a pot and cooked with water spiced up with cinnamon, allspice, salt, and finely chopped onions.

Once ready, it is poured in a tray and served.

The flavour of spices and fish turns the rice deliciously beige. 

A production for sure, but worth the effort.

Seyadiyeh was served with a cabbage salad (tune back tomorrow for the story of the salad).

Thank you mom, this was delicious.


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