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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Travelling Abroad - At Last, Edible Plane Food

What's the secret of having edible plane food?

It is not the airline you fly or the class you buy. 

It is ordering a special low sodium meal.

(and bonus of getting your meal before anyone else).

While a chicken dinner is typically a small piece of chicken soaking in an MSG based sauce, a sodium-free meal had a grilled piece of chicken that you can see and taste every piece of it.

It was topped with tomatoes along with grilled potatoes, some carrots, squash and broccoli. 

Rather than a plastic-flavoured dessert, fresh pieces of grape fruit and oranges were served.

Breakfast was a scrambled egg white with mushrooms, potatoes and a grilled tomato - again no sauce, you eat and taste what you see.

The low-sodium treats continued onto the next flight with edible rice and chicken and an appetizer of a piece of grilled fish on top of greens. Dessert, once again, was fresh fruit.

The secret of good airplane food revealed.

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