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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Catsess Forever Home Anniversary

Two years ago on December 14, somerville kitchen lost its cats (Read Sad Day). Two years ago today, somerville kitchen welcomed catses. A year later, two of three passed on (Read My Three Brothers), leaving my princess Catsess to have all the love and care every cat deserves. Despite expectations that she won't make it past 2 years, Catsess is now 2.5 years old and 2 years in her forever home.

Catsess' day starts with jumping on and off my bed to wake me up. Catsess does not use her litter box anymore. I open the jardin door and she goes out and does her business outside (and goes out again in the late pm for round two). 

The mornings and nights are spent turning the house into a playground. Every carpet and blanket moves around with toys rolled in them; but she leaves kicking the golf ball around until after midnight - just as I am falling into a deep sleep.

Sleep time starts with my afternoon nap; joining me under the blanket. 

The rest of the afternoon is spent in jardin, running after birds (she already caught two this summer), scaring away rats and climbing where she shouldn't climb only to cry to help her down. Catsess is at her happiest during this jardin adventure time.

From there she moves to socializing with whoever is in the living room; usually spying on every movement from her basket.

When things get boring, time for another long nap with her spa brush in front of the fire.

Thank you VOKRA for rescuing Catsess - a weird but so loved cat that I am hoping she remains healthy and active and celebrate many anniversaries in her forever home.

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