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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

12 Days of My Favourite Christmas Shopping

On the seventh day of Christmas shopping Nurture with Nature sent to me seven swans a swimming; more like bathing with the best hand made soaps and bath sizzlers (visit the open house on Saturday between 1 to 8 pm or call ahead for a private shopping with Chai experience).

Nurture with Nature  2050 Scotia Street, Suite 120, Vancouver or email 

On the eighth day of Christmas shopping Chocolate Arts sent to me eight maids a milking; making sure the milk only goes into half the chocolate mix given how exceptionally delicious their dark chocolates are. 

Chocolate Arts  1620 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver

On the ninth day of Christmas shopping VOKRA sent to me nine ladies dancing; these ladies are working very hard to rescue and foster lovely cats - what's a better Christmas gift than donating to VOKRA on behalf of your loved ones (or check their store for gifts, calendars and Christmas cards).

On the tenth day of Christmas shopping The Regional Assembly of Text sent to me ten lords are leaping; leaping to a future where paper, pens and typewriters replace computers, laptops and tablets for staying in touch with friends and loved ones.

 The Regional Assembly of Text  3934 Main Street Vancouver

On the eleventh day of Christmas shopping Kelly's Corner Store sent to me eleven pipers piping; where you can support a local business and buy old fashioned candies as stocking stuffers, anything else you are missing to finish your dinner and rub the tummy of the lovely strawberry.

Kelly's Corner Store  959 East 35th Street Vancouver

On the twelve day of Christmas shopping Welk's sent to me twelve drummers drumming; leading to the best selection of unique gifts under one roof.

 Welk's General Store  3511 Main Street Vancouver


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