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Monday, 5 January 2015

Indian Food At Door Steps

Back to work today was intense that food delivery was required.

A month ago I discovered The Original Tandoori King (Read The Original).  

The sitting down experience at the restaurant was good enough. Now let's see what happens when one orders for delivery.

The order taking process was efficient enough. But it took a bit longer than I expected given I am about 3 KM away from the restaurant.


Food tasted fine, but something was lost in the transportation.

First, I cannot design a samosa platter as well as they do.

And the food did not have the same taste impact as when I tried it at the restaurant.

Would I repeat such an order? 

Not sure. I think Indian food is best enjoyed out of a restaurant's kitchen in a traditional environment.

Or is it all in my head? Don't know.

Original Tandoori Kitchen
7251 Main Street
Vancouver, BC


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