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Monday, 19 January 2015

Truely Lebanese

A friend said she noticed a restaurant called Tibisti with a large Lebanese Food sign on Victoria and 54th. Looking at the place, we just did not know what to expect. But I was determined to put it through the Lebanese authenticity test.

The owner/chef and I are born in the same city in Lebanon. He took over bringing a surprise spread for us. It passed the Lebanese authenticity and taste test exceptionally well. In fact, the food was the most 100% Lebanese authentically cooked I have tasted in Canada. All the food is made from scratch onsite.

Unlike the Fatoush of other so called Lebanese restaurants that incorporates carrots or beets, this Fatoush was like my mother's with the right amount of sumaq, lemon and oil. The bread was deep fried the Lebanese old fashioned way of making it.

The 'Araise' are ground beef baked in pita bread which I have never mastered making at home and I never find in restaurants in Canada. They are a must when you visit.

Now the humus. 100% authentic humus with almost no garlic (yes, that is the right way of making it) and generous olive oil on top of it. This is the best humus in the city (outside somerville kitchen that is).

I loved how the kebabs were presented authentically - on an open pita and sprinkled with onions and parsley. And they were excellent, specially the chicken.

And the one item that I have not seen in Lebanese restaurants in Canada before is the garlic dip (or is it garlic mayo). This is a must to serve with any grilled chicken in Lebanon and, sure enough, it showed up on the table.

I am so going back when I am feeling home sick (or just hungry).

Tibisti Grill/Lebanese Cuisine
6990 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

Tibisti Grill on Urbanspoon

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Sandy MacDonald said...

Tibisti is definitely a little-known gem and it's been great watching it grow. The garlic dip is amazing!