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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Is the new Bump n Grind....

.... my new Friday office?

It may very well be.

A comfortable space at the quiet end of South Granville.

The owner is friendly, elegant, welcoming and knows her drinks and food.

I tried the chai which was rich and tasty. They can spice it as much as you want.

Teas that will go beautifully with my Friday desk.

Most goodies are baked onsite and, as the lovely owner explained, capitalizing on the beverages of the café as baking ingredients.

For example, the matcha brownie below is made with their matcha teas. Sweet, decadent and will get you going for 36 hours.

In addition to the service, comfort, good beverages and food, the place has shelving spelling the name of the café.

And on it are books to read as you lounge and enjoy your beverage. 

I just love this feature in cafés; and their selection of books is pretty good.

I should remember Bump n Grind next time I am looking for a Friday office. I think I will be very productive.

Bump n Grind Café
3010 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC

Bump n Grind Cafe on Urbanspoon

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