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Tuesday, 31 March 2015


In a very faraway land, where the mountains stop and the valley looms ahead, time stood still. I have stumbled among this time warp once or twice a year over the past decade and a half; about time I tried it.

The buffet is huge that it took me four plates to try everything (and I am not sure I did end up trying everything). Here is how the first plate looked like followed by where it was filled from.

Yes, Chinese and Japanese made a peace treaty and joined forces on this buffet.

So by now, many of you are salivating over all this food for less than $15.

Don't get too excited, every item on the platter above, despite looking like a distinct piece of food, had the same taste (yes, including the sushi).

Well, let's go back for platter two - the selection looks more interesting on this part of the buffet island.

I was very excited about the smelts - I love fried smelts.

But those did not crunch as fried smelts do, they stretched like rubber does.

Time for the more western food on the spread.

The homogenous taste experience continued with plate three.

The only item I did not add to the plate were the french fries and gravy; now I feel that may have been a mistake.

Time for dessert.

I thought these are mango and coconut pudding cut into edible chunks.

Nothing - no flavour, no taste. 

Same with the cake - just looks. In fact, the only thing with taste was the cookie.

Oriental Buffet
15140-101 Avenue
Surrey, BC

Oriental Buffet 東方自助餐 on Urbanspoon

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