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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Got Craft Tour

Got Craft Vancouver 2015 is, by far, the best craft fair I have been to in Vancouver.

I went in with a limit of 3 purchases, and a bit skeptical to find even 3 unique, yet useful items to buy at such fairs.

With close to 70 vendors across multiple categories, my purchase limit went up from 3 to, well, I stopped counting.

While blogging 70 vendors is beyond somerville kitchen mandate, today and tomorrow I will talk about some of my favourite picks starting with, who else, but VOKRA!

VOKRA is all about eliminating cat homelessness and overpopulation.

Completely volunteer run, VOKRA rescues homeless cats, places them in foster homes until one of the 2000+ cat lovers adopt them this year.

If a rescued cat is sick, VOKRA's no kill policy means the cat will be looked after by fosters until time to pass on. Please, click HERE and donate (even a toonie helps).

Karla is passionate about teas and her passion is contagious.

Mesmerized by the packaging and smells, I walked out with 3 of these teas.

And based on our land, it is easy to buy these beauties along with other unique tea ware at

Nothing will go better with the fancy tea other than The Lemon Square.

Hand made decadent and addictive squares that come in a box of one or four. They freeze well, stay in the fridge for a week or so and, if you are watching your diet, each square seamlessly splits into four mini bites. 

If you prefer coffee to go with your lemon squares, you can take a look at Inasequoia Karuna.

Well, it is not really coffee (I was fooled too). It is coffee scrub that is supposed to be great for your skin.

Try it HERE

Want more Got Craft finds? Tune back tomorrow.

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