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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Got Craft Tour

(continued from yesterday's Got Craft Tour)

More food.

Is it because this is a food blog that I seem to be attracted to all these food items, or is it because the food artisans have better displays than others?

The Local Churn makes six flavoured butters, by hand. A perfect size to buy a few to try at your leisure; I picked up three: Peppercorn brandy, parmesan bacon and almond and dates.

These are the more 'traditional' flavours. Check the website for more.

Jam and butter go hand in hand. But with wacky butters, one needs similarly fun and wacky jams. That's where East Van Jam comes in.

The options are all unique with the most fascinating names like serene nectarine or madam cherry. The cardamom rose apple jelly is sold out. But how could I have resisted The Tom Cat tomato spread (more on this once I try it).

The Salt Dispensary makes their own smoked salts with all sorts of added flavours.]

I probed them on salts to reduce high blood pressure, but alas, no luck.

But I did have a great time admiring the beauty of the product and the display - so colourful.

And if you are not impressed so far with the quality of Got Craft Vancouver 2015, check what I stocked up on - Archie notebooks; nothing can be cooler for my image at work.

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