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Friday, 29 May 2015

Impressive Air France

Air France launched its Vancouver-Paris service a couple of days ago

And here I am, capitalizing on a special upgrade price to promote its business class food

It is not the first time I cross the ocean upgraded, but Air France has impressed compared to other airlines

The cheeses, the wines and the BC inspired seafood appetizers were trés Parisianne

With four options of main dish, it was difficult to choose

So le plat de jour it was - a chicken breast, nicely cooked with a mushroom cream sauce, rice and wilted spinach

Good, but not as impressive as the dessert platter to knock me off into a 5 hours slumber

Awaken with a chocolate cappuccino - most likely from an envelope but would sure love to get my hands on such an envelope

Add a continental breakfast and I was set to cross over to my third continent of the day

Blogger impressed

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