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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday Dinesty Brunch

"Dim Sum?"

"Yes, let's go to Dinesty"

"We've already been to Dynasty, let's go somewhere we have not tried before"

"But we have not tried it"

And that was true, we have tried Dynasty but not Dinesty

Dinesty, whichever way you pronounce it, is a good place.

Proud of their noodles, they show them to the world.

It is not your typical dim sum place or menu, but with the right selection of dishes, we enjoyed a delicious dim sum style brunch.

Given all noodles and dumplings are made in-house on the spot, we focused on those.

Three different dumplings, one noodle dish and one beef wrap was good enough to fill up the tummies and have a good sampling of Dinesty quality. 

In fact, their beef wrap is one of the best I have tasted - the beef not overly spiced, the sauce already inside the wrap as opposed to a side, and they crunch elegantly.

Now I am writing about it and want to go back - why are your locations so far my dear dinesty?

Dinesty Dumpling House
1719 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC



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