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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sweet Lebanon

This is like gifts under a Christmas tree or an Easter Eggs Hunt, but sweeter

Everywhere I turn around the house there is something sweet hiding

I pace myself, find something sweet, have a taste, then avoid the rest

Until more appear. All irresistible, home made, store bought, or dropped off by neighbours

These home made Easter cookies with dates, pistachio and walnuts were frozen in time until my arrival; divine

Of course, no escaping the white and creamy, specially freshly-made-by-dad rice pudding perfumed with orange blossom water

If you thought that was enough white and creamy, a melange of Lebanese Ice-cream with Ashta, Pistachio, cream and chocolate appear for an afternoon refreshment

Maacaroon is difficult to describe. It is a spiced dough that is rolled on a certain surface to create this texture. It is then fried and soaked in sugar syrup. As soon as I thought I am making a dent in them, more appeared from the neighbours

Every now and then a healthy option pops up, even though still sweet as honey

But how could the melons compete with this platter sitting right next to my laptop


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Anonymous said...

Omg....more and more and more! I would expire. A