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Saturday, 6 June 2015

A 365 Shawarma

The above picture may look like a prison or arms manufacturing plant. It is not

It is the massive ABC. ABC (letters pronounced in French no matter what language you are speaking) is a department store (not a shopping mall) with endless small stores of everything you need under the sun

It also has 2 to 3 cafés and restaurants on every one of the four levels of the store

On level 1 is 365 (numbers pronounced in English no matter what language you are speaking). That is where I lunched

 The menu suggested Shawarma platter as one of their specialty

With no decent respectable Shawarma in Vancouver, how could I resist

A full platter came with the Shawarma soaking the pita, just the way I like it. This was a good Shawarma

 Vancouver also does not have any decent, respectable éclair as one finds in Lebanon

So of course, when the dessert tray arrived, a delicious chocolate éclair was chosen

365 Restaurant
ABC Dbayeh
Level 1
Metn, Lebanon

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1 comment:

Dhiraj Kumar said...

Mmm, this looks delicious! Thanks for sharing. I think I just found my breakfast for tomorrow…
Chowranghee Lane Rajender Nagar