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Monday, 14 December 2015

Mom's Cooking - The Highlight of the Trip

My mother is a very organized person; a trait that unfortunately I did not inherit much of.

Before my trips home, she cooks (or partially cooks) my favourite meals and have everything frozen ahead of time.

As such, during the visit, no time is wasted in the kitchen beyond final touches to the partially pre-prepared meals.

So what are my favourite meals? You most likely read about every one of them one time or another, but here's a quick review of what I ate over the past two weeks.

Yakhne Fasoulia - a stew of beans cooked in tomato sauce with beef and eaten over rice. By far my favourite meal.

Tailor's Scraps - while easy to make, I can never get it as flavourful as mom's.

Baked chicken - the taste of Chicken (and tomatoes) in Lebanon is far superior to anything we get our hands on in Canada. 

Sheikh El Mehshi - fried eggplants topped with ground beef, pine nuts and tomato sauce; baked and eaten over rice.

This & That - A term used by my family for frying a bunch of stuff. This time included fried eggplants, potatoes, fish; and always served with tahini sauce.

Mom's infamous chicken rice with green beans and broad beens in a lemon olive oil sauce


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Wendy T. said...

Do you find that you gain weight after going back home for a few weeks? :)