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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

A Visit to L'Atelier

During my visit to Beirut's Christmas in Action last week, I discovered Le Noir, Atelier du Chocolat.I did not try the chocolates, but the taste of that hot chocolate I had with melted marshmallows will remain with me for a long time. 

With this in mind, I paid a visit to the Atelier where Le Noir brings us its award winning chocolates.

Welcomed by one the owners and given a tour of the place along with few tasters, I came out wishing I can transfer these guys to Vancouver (beware Chocolate Arts if that happens).

The passion of the owners-chocolatiers about quality and style puts Le Noir chocolates in a class of their own in Lebanon and most likely the whole region. The chocolates are all made from the French Valrhona chocolates - one of the oldest (started in 1922) and largest chocolate manufacturers in the world, catering to high end chocolate connoisseurs.

The quality of chocolates is flattered by unique flavours: scotch, Pistachio pralines, chocolate fermented with oranges, ginger, framboise. Le Noir is the only one offering pecan chocolates in the whole country.  

I will be stocking up on those on my next trip to Lebanon.

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