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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Savory Saturday

somerville kitchen special feature: One week's worth of delicious munchies from The Empress (see October 8 entry - And The Winner Is...). Power Point slides from the original contest entry.

Well Empress, you challenged my cooking mind all week and I think I lived up to the challenges until today. I thought I will make life simple and check out some specialty food stores and buy ready-made Carbonara sauce (admitting that I had no clue what Carbonara sauce is). Once that plan failed, I checked out recipes on the internet and the variations were enormous: Eggs and milk, no milk, bacon, no bacon, eggs put in raw, eggs cooked for 3 minutes, and on and on - I simply could not make this one up. The outcome was a minor change of plan...

And once variations hit your lovely menu plan, the cascade begun: Caesar salad turned into lettuce blueberry salad with blueberry vinegar dressing (available at Market Meats, see September 13 entry); the Ciabatta buns became garlic Ciabatta buns; and instead of white wine, dinner was served with Guava juice. 

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