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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sinful? Sunday!

somerville kitchen special feature: One week's worth of delicious munchies from The Empress (see October 8 entry - And The Winner Is...). Power Point slides from the original contest entry.

It is Sunday, it is Halloween and I am with my favourite people and animal. The jardin is filled with gigantic rosemary bushes so it was not difficult to find enough sprigs for stuffing the chicken. Honey glazed sliced carrots with toasted almonds, but a somerville kitchen rule is that mashed potatoes are made plain and only plain. So the parsley and dill were skipped. The gravy was homemade with chicken drippings and mushrooms. Added to the menu were home-made whole wheat bread, a couple of salads and some broccoli. 

Thank you so much The Empress for a week full of satisfied grins, grunts and groans.

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