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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

somerville kitchen Two Months Anniversary Contest

Jardin Tomato

Monthly anniversary contests may not be a regular feature, but for now, here is another contest to celebrate two months of somerville kitchen blogging. Thank you for all the fans and followers for making it so much fun and all the comments you forwarded. Traffic almost doubled in month two reaching 750 page views in September only. Visitors are from all over the world covering 10 countries. New features including more labels, the globe showing in real time where the viewers are from, search feature and polls are making the experience more fun for readers. 

And now the contest...
I am looking for ideas for one week of cooking (five meals minimum). Please send, to, a list of five meals to cook over a one week period. Please include a "Sunday dinner", a couple of easy quick meals, and one night of eating out at a restaurant you recommend. I will take care of the rest and feature your recommended meals over one week. You don't need to provide recipes (unless you want to), just meal ideas.

And the prize...
The preferred meal plan provider will win a "Saturday" of cooking with me at somerville kitchen. Choose a few meals featured on the blog and we will make them together and send you home with recipes and food. 


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