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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Dinner Los Angeles Style

Driving along Sunset Boulevard was fun and a very LA thing to do, but it was late, we were hungry and a decision on where to eat had to be made. And that was the Saddle Ranch Chop House.

Yes, that is a mechanical bull that you see in the picture. It was tempting, but I did not want to embarrass work colleagues more than I am doing taking pictures everywhere. The pink fuzzy thing is a cotton candy drink. I really don't know the specifics but you could not miss it at a table of three lovely ladies who not only allowed me to take a picture of it, but also offered me a taste. 

As for the biscuits, they sure went well with the platter of fried (half) chicken. The baked potato was humongous. That white stuff in the bowl next to the baked beans is heavy, rich gravy to dip the chicken in. And yes, food is served in a platter, not a plate. Our cute waitress Janelle stacked up platters at the end like (quoting her) "Tetris ghosts that are eating each other".

Saddle Ranch Chop House
8371 W Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 


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