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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Pumpkin Kebbeh

Kebbeh is a dish very unique to Lebanon and goes back 1000's of years. Kebbeh is simply ground lamb or beef, bulgar wheat, onions and salt. Historically, Lebanese women will spend hours pounding the mixture in a large stone mortar using a heavy wooden pestle. The mixture can be eaten raw, made into balls stuffed with meat and pine nuts, baked as a loaf, grilled on BBQs or made into patties that are deep fried. (You can see a sample of baked kebbeh in August 11 entry - Leftovers Mixed Buffet).

Tonight's dinner was pumpkin kebbeh - the same concept as above but pumpkins are used instead of meat. This version was stuffed with a mixture of chickpeas and cooked onions - vegan, healthy and tasty.

Thank you Susan.

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