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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Happy Birthday Masi

Birthday Celebration Part 1

You may think I am being cheap making a Betty Crocker cake rather than, for example, ordering an Anita Cake for my best friend's birthday. But she specifically asked for this white cake, I swear.

In fact, it is not as simple as you'd think. You need to consider the design - double layer, flat, bunt, ensure that the cake does not stick to the pan, smooth out the edges, straighten the top so the second layer can go on right, and not to mention the process of icing and sparkling the cake.

 But it was all worth it seeing the smile on my friend's face as she got ready to blow the candle. Sana helwah ya gameel...

Kitchen Tip
Use parchment paper in the baking pan to make sure the cake does not stick to the pan. Put the cake in the fridge for few hours to have it cut into nice smooth sharp pieces.

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