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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lebanese Snack

I grew up eating this meal at least once a month. It is simply boiled potatoes and boiled eggs smashed together with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Interviewing my mom to understand the origin of this dish did not yield much. Any other Lebanese reading this who can share insights as to (a) whether you actually eat eggs and potatoes this way and/or (b) where/when this dish originated in Lebanon?

This meal (or snack) is eaten with pita bread, olives, yogurt, cucumbers, and/or pickles. In tonight's case, I ate them with my home made Lefett (pickled turnips).

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Natalie said...

this is my favorite dish!! I have eaten this since i was a child. I too asked my aunt where this originated from and the only response she had for me was...we always ate it and your grandma always ate it....the lebanese way i guess!!