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Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Occupied somerville kitchen Territories

somerville kitchen replacement chef, after getting a taste of working the kitchen two weeks ago, launched a surprise colonization and somerville kitchen was under occupation all night.

The pork tenderloin escaped the invasion and was already baking in the oven, so it was left alone by the colonizer. The roasted potatoes were decreed to be crunchy on the outside but like mashed potatoes on the inside. Rather than roasting in the oven, they were compelled to perfection under the broiler.

Kitchen Hint from the occupied forces: To achieve the above, you throw the potatoes in a plastic bag with oil, salt and pepper. To decide how much salt and pepper, you just have to think like a potato and how much would a potato like on it. Always use the broiler since it has only two variables to control - time and heat.

The stove top stuffing just wanted to soak in the spa's hot water calmly for five minutes. But the occupation changed its fate. Onions were fried, along with a bit of chopped pecans, almonds and dried cranberries for enhanced taste and texture.

Kitchen Hint from the occupied forces: The amount of nuts to add to the stuffing should not be too much to overwhelm the stuffing but enough to create a surprise element while eating it. Cranberries should be minimal and chopped up. Add a bit (1 tsp) chopped parsley for colour.

Decision on what to do with the broccoli was driven by the rest of the meal's flavours and textures. "We have meaty, squishy, and crispy, we now need fresh". So the poor broccoli was thrown in a steamer until it turned lime green. It was then drizzled with melted butter and lemon juice. 

Kitchen Hint from the occupied forces: Don't sprinkle the broccoli with salt and let them sit, this will toughen them. A bit of garlic (1/4 of clove) would have made a great addition to the taste, but the indigenous revolted at the prospect of this proposition, and succeeded in a garlic free meal.

All, of course, was in the spirit of a fun cooking experience and a delicious fancy meal.

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