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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Laura's Lasagna

When vegetarian Laura (and her not so vegetarian cat) invited me for lasagna, I expected a vegetarian one.

Well, this delicious lasagna was a veggie beef one looking and tasting like a regular meat lasagna - also included green peppers, onions and mushrooms; cilantro in the sauce, and cottage/mozzarella cheese.

The lasagna was accompanied by a tasty fresh salad of green lettuce, cucumber, crab and feta cheese served with five herbs dressing.

Of course garlic bread was on the table but my camera did not succeed in capturing their appetizing look well.

Dessert was home-made chocolate cupcakes to die for. While they looked heavy, they were actually very light and fluffy, covered with a nice chocolate frosting. To wrap up the evening, addictive sugar coated fennel seeds were delved into for a long time.

Thank you Laura!

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