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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Blogiversary Gifts

Thank you all for the sweet notes sent for somerville kitchen's blogiversary. The sweetest was a handmade card by one of the regular followers.

And somerville kitchen received the nicest gifts too...

A beautiful Masterclass stainless steel new pot that was put to use immediately heating up leftover borscht (see Know It All Borscht).

Not only this is the largest pot somerville kitchen now has, but it has measures engraved inside it as well as a thicker than average base to keep food warm longer. Love it!

A set of four beautiful metallic enameled plates that are over hundred years old.

The borscht looked beautiful in them. They are light, dishwasher safe, and appetizing. Love them. Be warned, you will see lots of food in those plates soon.

And finally, le jardin gifted somerville kitchen its first Lebanese zucchini.

These are light skinned zucchinis that I was raised up with in Lebanon. They are, in my humble opinion, much tastier and shaped nicer than the dark thin ones we typically find here.

They are difficult to find in stores, so glad of the seeds I had and awaiting an abundance of them.

The jardin gift was sliced, grilled, sprinkled with white vinegar and served with home made cheese bread to go with the borscht.

Thank you Cake Lady, Replacement Chef and Jardin!


~The Empress~ said...

OMG that's hilarious because I bought that exact same pot on Saturday too and it's the second one I have (same size, same make)...I use them for my big soups!

somerville kitchen said...

What can I say empress, great minds think alike...(well that is the mind of the gifter, not moi).