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Friday, 26 August 2011

Now This Is Sushi

Wow, an impressive sushi eating experience. This is definitely the place to go for Sushi, whether you live in east, west, north or south Vancouver.

Relaxing atmosphere, owner-operated, creative menu and great service.

The food itself, is something else. Here are three items I tried simply for their originality.

Triple Salmon Roll
Everything you see on the plate is edible, including the candle holder which is made out of some sort of radish. Putting the presentation aside, this roll, with fresh and smoked salmon along with salmon roe is heaven for salmon lovers.

Chicken Takikomi Gohan
A small appetizer plate for less than $5.00. It is a simple steamed chicken and rice dish (I can never resist any dish with this combination) but the flavours are amazing. Next time I am ordering two of those.

Salmon Oshi Sushi
This is what is going to send you back to Kishimoto. A pressed, then torched salmon roll, drizzled with lemon soya sauce and topped with chilli pepper. Order lots!

2054 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC

Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen on Urbanspoon 

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