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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Rattlesnakes - Yum

If you received this package of beans' seeds as a gift, would you waste jardin space and plant it? If you plant it and it grows, would you eat it? The answer to both is yes. I am so glad I planted them and more glad I tried them.

Six seeds grew very quickly and the beans started appearing. Beautiful purple markings on grey green background, looking like beans from Mars.

Internet research set my mind at ease that those are natural. Tasting fresh one from the stalks was like eating a velvety sweet fruit. Time to pick them up.

Those beans become more magical when you cook them. I just threw a bit of water in a frying pan and added the beans. Within less than 10 seconds, the beautiful purple markings melted away off the beans, turning them into regular green beans colour but tastier.

They keep on growing, so you'd see them again; stay tuned.

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